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 ⚠ Read me before open a ticket

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PostSubject: ⚠ Read me before open a ticket   Sat 28 Nov - 17:03

1. ⚠ Note that this allows you to be efficient and save time, your's and mine.


- Do not ask for help here on a script leaked. If you are not a honest customer, I'm not your coder staff.
- For any questions, technical open a ticket on scriptfodder, in order to avoid ill-intentioned people using my scripts leakés benefit from my technical support and my free time.
- Here I treat only the problems and bugs of the original shell scripts, it is your responsibility if you modify it. It is always possible to download the original version.
- Before you ask your questions, read the description of the script concerned.
- A simple message to say "Problem addon" or "I have a bug" is useless.
- Do not report bug incomplete, provide a maximum element and know how to reproduce the bug. Video and screenshot are welcome. Provide the code of the *Error in Lua if possible. Describe step-by-step how you provoke the bug.
[*]If the bug comes from another script, I don't mind the support of others. I would like to keep time for my social life. Thank you for understanding.
- If they are conflict I do my best.

Questions that can save time and resources:

Answer in your ticket, this allows me to not ask.

  1. Your script you installed? for example, do you Have unknow command in your console when you type the commands bound to my scripts? If Yes it means that it is simply not installed. Or while you're banned by the Anti-Leak. I have created a wiki that explains how to install an addon here : link
  2. Have you reboot your Server? Many don't do it.
  3. Have you test my script without any other addons? Works there all alone? If I invite you to do a test before opening a ticket.
  4. Are you using the latest version of the script? Keep in mind that in the meantime there have been several updates to Garry's Mod and I provided patches adapted.
  5. About the activation of the license only 4 scripts are protected, the loot manager, the area restrictor, the todolist manager and the player spawn manager. This means that if you are unable to activate other scripts this is not critical and it is normal, there is not a bug.

*An error in lua looks like this in your console:

[ERROR] gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_init.lua:490: attempt to concatenate global 'npcs' (a nil value)
  1. rafraichieta - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_init.lua:490
   2. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_init.lua:25

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⚠ Read me before open a ticket
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