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 Loot Spawn Point Editor

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PostSubject: Loot Spawn Point Editor   Sun 22 Jan - 13:00

Lien: https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/3571
Script_ID: 3571
Auteur: Nordahl


Use my system to edit the spawns of loot on your maps having also the choice on the rate of chance of spawn, and also the ability to choose the time of the reloot between 5 seconds to 1 hour, once you have everything placed all works in an automated way. As a bonus, my system can also spawn npcs. If you put multiple objects in the list of the spawn point it will choose randomly from this list. Everything that is spawnable in the category of entity may be added to the if.

How does this function?

   You just need to spawn the cube, and press "USE" to access the menu.
   Add entities in the list of the spawner to the right, there are two methods to do so.

The first method you write the name of the entity and validate, the line then appears in the list, note that you can copy the name of the entity since the spawnmenu with right-click on it. And the paste.
The second method is more simple, I created a system for entity detection around the spawner.
You place your item next to the spawn point you open the menu of the spawner and you click detect and it will then show you all the objects around him. Select the object that you want to add to the list of spawner. Once added the object to the ground will automatically remove.

   Activate the system by choosing his time to reloot. Because by default it is on stop.
   Note that the option 5 Seconds is useful for your tests. If the object created by the spawner still exists, then no new object will respawnera this is a trick that allows to avoid the flood, and having too many object on the ground.

   Adjust the rate of chance of the spawn, by default it is at 100%, you can spawn a rare item and set the rate to spawn in the 10% chance, finally, this is only an example, the choice goes from 0 to 100%.

   And for you to organize my system included the Admin-Eyes, a kind of ESP for Administrators that allows you to see all the spawn points on the map with the icons and names that you have assigned. This allows you to have a view on your work and also allows you to work cohesively with your team.
   The nordahl_loot_find is a detection system of spawn, because the customers can't see them. The if can be disable from the config.file.lua 0|1.
   When he types the command !loot_finder in the chat it will display in metres the distance of the spawn closer to you. The distance is also configurable in the config.file system.

Note : The system does not yet allow the spawn of the vehicles. I meditate a little before doing so.

Update 2017 03 28

The system works if players are in the area. If the map is large, there will be loot and npcs only in the areas occupied by the players.

In the system's configuration, the detection parameter will be disabled by default. To activate it simply replace the 0 by a 1 for this value:


If the DetectionPlayer is set to 0, thus disabled, the spawn will occur normally regardless of the presence of the players.

You can also choose the distance, with this value :


This means that if the player is far from the spawn, it won't make loot or npcs. The area will be dead, which is good for your server.

Another point, the system is in a sleep state if there is no player on the server.

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PostSubject: Update 2017 03 28   Tue 28 Mar - 16:59

Update 2017 03 28
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Loot Spawn Point Editor
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