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 Historique des mises à jours / History updates.

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PostSubject: Historique des mises à jours / History updates.   Fri 4 Jan - 22:33

+ Replaces zombieclassic Half Life 2. (Edit:Before, yes. Does not replace the zombies hl2. Now.)
+ Sound of Zombie obtained in "Project Zomboid"(nice project of theindiesstone).
+ Spawn zombie

+ Npc_fastzombie + Voice effect
+ Replace FastZombie Half life 2 (Edit:Before, yes. Does not replace the zombies hl2. Now.)
+ I Don't make model. "model obtained in zombie master"
+ Sound of FastZombie obtained in "Left 4 Dead 2"

+ problems are solved with the headcrab
+ Poisonzombie without blackheadcrab

+ Poisonzombie model (obtained in alpha teste of Hl2) (Edit:Before, yes. Does not replace the zombies hl2. Now.)
+ New Pzombie Sound

+ Optimizing the size of the add-ons.
Now the blood trail will be like that. Carefully slide it x)

+ Spawn Menu is OK
+ 15 Zombies NPCs
+ solved the biggest bug between the zombie pulls the gun and those who walk with outstretched arms
Happy? 10 hours of work fir this night. good game! ;)

+ Troubleshoot human eyes on some zombie.
+ Added 10 new models found on the Mod zombie master.
+ Added Sound Resident evil zombie 2.
+ Added my sound

Fixed zombies ZM.
+ Picture in spawnmenu.
+ A box with a random function for different zombie spawner easier(23zombies).
+ New class, SO! return of headcrab and zombie hl2 of this addons will not be a reskin
+ Zombie Panic:Source 5 Model Survivor playable
+ Add Spawnicon 5 Model Survivor playable

+ Résolved: Problem death of zombies.
+ Blood Particle

+ Fixed I.A

ADD ZOMBIES of Zombie Panic:source (4models provisional)
4 Models: Black Tea Za Linux

+ Fixed I.A

+ Fix some Lua error (edit: and add other lua error -_-)
+ Fix Voice for all zombies

+ Fix some Lua error. (Test for me.)
+ Spawn Random (silent zombie)
+ Boost attack speed (temporaly) i test

+ Fix 10 Error LUA
+ Add fast infected

+ This addon does not replace models hl2
+ Distance Perception zombies x4

+ [RESOLVED] Warning: Killicone not found "name_npc"

+ HUD Survival like (include: stamina/Thrist/Hunger)
+ FOOD (include Braid/Canned food/ Ration)

+ DRINK (beer/Water/Soda)
Credit:(Models by: ReCkLeSs_KiLLa)

+ Sound of action_drink
+ Sound of action_eat
+ Picture in Entyties menu
+ Sound for Children_Zombie

+ Gamemode for enable HUD Survival like.

+ Add 8 food entity
+ Add more action-eat sound

+ Fix HUD
+ logo of gamemode
+ backgrounds of gamemode
+ icon of gamemode
+ Fix zombie [ai_Ignore player]

+ add Bandages
+ add Medikit

+ Random and automatic Spawn of zombie]
+ Random and automatic Spawn of HORDES zombies ( all 10 minutes)
+ Random and automatic Spawn of consumable(drink, food and healkit)]

+ fix name of class in menu]
+ add console commandes for activate autospawn] console cmd: startspawn
+ add console commandes for disable autospawn] console cmd:stopspawn
+ add chat commandes for activate autospawn] chat: !start
+ add chat commandes for disable autospawn] chat: !stop
+ add console commandes choice of type of zombie to spawn] console cmd: nmrihspawn or slowspawn
+ add console commandes choice of type of zombie to spawn] console cmd: nmrihstop or slowstop
+ add chat commandes choice of type of zombie to spawn] chat: !nm or !slow
+ add chat commandes choice of type of zombie to spawn] chat: !nmstop or !slowstop

[u][Update - 6 Jan 2013]

+ add 15 Breakable box. With weapon of Firearms + Ammo
+ add 4 Breakable box. Random loot for Food,Drink, Health kit, Bandage
+ Picture in Spawnmenu

[Update _ 11 jan 2013]
+ add in spawnmenu Random SODA model]
+ add in spawnmenu Random FOOD model]
+ Big mess of zombies with fire.]
+ Calibrer spawn for rp_apocalypse map with one commande in chat "!apo" to start.]

[Update _ 15 jan 2013]
+ Craft Wood for make barricade (Log, Fence(large/Short), Plank)

[Update _ 17 jan 2013]
+ loot of plank x2
+ increase zombie spawn in rp-apocalypse
+ slow spawn box in rp-apocalypse
+ Craftable trees in rp_apocalypse
+ Fuel spawn point. In the station of rp_apocalypse
+ autospawn adapted to gm_construct. With cmd in chatbox: "! Con"

[Update _ 22 jan 2013]
+ improve the cmd. ! "STOP" to stop effectively
+ Disappearance of the old cmd. !Start, !nm and !slow
+ calibrer spawn for rp_atomic map with commande in chat "!ato"
+ spawn rate of zombie in gm_construct x2
- I deleted the zombies nmrih at the request of developer nmrih.
+ add axe.

[Update _ 30/01/2013]
+ Inventory(transport system)]
+ adjusts the hunger and thirst]
+ Fix Bone position of deadragdoll (slow_zombie)]
+ Place spawn of backpack in !apo & !ato]
+ sprint speed, slowing slightly.]

[Update _ 04/02/2013]
+ Blood & Dismembers player
+ Blood Dismembers zombies
+ Fix Bone position of deadragdoll (Zps_zombie)
+ Fix Bone position of deadragdoll (Fast_zombie)
+ Fix Bone position of deadragdoll (Random_zombie)
+ Sound of death "bipbipbipbiiiiiip"... removed
+ Patch Resolved Error LUA

[Update _ 05/02/2013]
Props_phys converted into an Entity.He had to change the zombies that they can detect and destroy. Work and the effect of destruction. New Way to use the barricades. USE to take and ask for RELOAD (fix).
+ No collision with the corpses]
+ SmallFence & Large Fence & Plank Stronger
+ New Mdl of Plank
+ New Way to use the barricades. USE to take and ask for RELOAD (fix)
+ 22 Lua error of ragdoll burning solved.
+ Players drop their weapons are dead hand.

[2nd Update _ 05/02/2013]
+ Fix the problem of deadragdoll invisible. Sandbox mode.

[Update _ 06/02/2013]
+ Fix Autospawn for Gm_construct, gm_atomic, rp_apocalypse.
+ resistance of Fence multiplied by 2 (2000hp)
+ Intro Music launch the command.
+ Tag weaponbox (look screen shoot)

[Update _ 13/02/2013]
+ furniture storage: look screenshoot]
+ sound of furniture storage, open, close, take, add]
+ sound of backpack, open, close, take, add]
+ Kill Count]
+ The Backpack is visible on the back]
+ calibrate sprint speed]
+ Disable Gore (Time to correct errors)]
+ Post Processing Effect]
+ FIx. when you stay on site and hold "SPRINT", stamina does not decrease any more alone.]

[BIGUPDATE _ 28/02/2013]
+ 1) Find .mdl of hl2 to craft item
+ 2) Find out how to get resources.
+ 3) Associate the amount obtained in HUD
+ 4) Make the craft interface
+ 5) Make clickable icons
+ 6) Correct distance attack zombies
+ 7) Caliber the post-processing
+ 8) weight optimization of Zmod
+ 9)Craft wood, metal, cloth, nail, fuel, tool
+11)Make Help Menu
+12)Sound crafting
+13)destructible object providing resources
+14)correct the HUD when a person thirsty all the server can not sprint or jump.
+15)Zombie Can loot item (food & drink 3%, cloth 30%, metal, 10%)
+16) Hide sound of Physcannon
+17) FAQ Menu
+18) Autospawn craft item in gm_construct. /!\ (Not placed in gm_atomic & rp_apocalypse)Because I'm going to change the system of autospawn.
+19) CraftMenu Heal

[UPDATE _ 06/03/2013]

+ FIX: (cloth metal) spawns under the map
+ caliber ammon boxes contained
+ Automatic Place Furniture in Gm_atomic
+ Can drop Ammo box or magazine
+ New skin HUD
+ Finished skin Menucraft
+ Can CraftShootgun
+ Picture of ITEM IN STORAGE
+ solved bug when a person thirsty all the server can not sprint or jump.
+ Nordahl entitie Ammo Box and Magazine
+ Can Craft a Crate (Contained 9 Slot) 25 nail + 15 plank
+ Add lot of CanFood
+ Optimise File

[UPDATE _ 07/03/2013]
+8 Own Mdl Ammo Box Zmod]
+Can Opener mdl]
+First Tool: Can Opener entities]
+modify the current cans. It can not be used if you have a knife or can_opener.]

[UPDATE _ 13/03/2013]
+ Improving the Zmod menu.
+ Limit of Ammo to player
+ Limit of Weapon held: 1 melee Weapon + 1 HandGun + 1 Weapons
+ Weapon compatible with Zmod and optimized firearms.
+ Convert all sounds .wav ----> .mp3
+ New way of crafting wood on trees.
+ You can drop many weapons in your inventory by clicking.

Update: 18 Mar 2013 @ 11 h 43

+ Magazine replace Mdl hl2]
[+ Option In Zmod Menu to Disable/Enable: Post-processing(screen-effect)]
+ News Tools: Hammer. Now is pushed over the nails with your fingers. Model:100%; Entity:100%; Set craftmenu:100%]

Update: 20 Mar 2013 @ 15 h 22

+ Furniture Spawn With random item inside] (Currently works only for manual spawn(Is not a bug))
+ Fix problem: When player is stored in a backpack.
+ Fix problem: The storage can not be stored.
+ Fix problem: The storage can not be stored.
+ Fixed a problem with the HUD
+ Optimize LUA file
+ Add Zombie sound

Update: 25 Mar 2013 @ 6 h 21

+ Fix problem: when a player leaves the server with a backpack]
+ Fix problem:player if I crash with a backpack. The backpack spawn its position.]
*Fix TOP103 of error Lua:
+ You Drop your HandGun and Your Secondary Weapon when you die]
+ You Drop your Ammo box when you die]
+ You Drop your Tools (canopener and hammer) when you die]
+ Optimize Zmod File Before 160Mo /After 95Mo. In Workshop 35MB

Update: 22 Apr 2013 @ 23 h 43

+[Foliage in gm_construct, rp_apocalypse, gm_atomic.]
+[100% /-------[24 New Furniture]
+[place 150 Furniture in gm_atomic]
+[Place 350 Furniture in rp_apocalypse]
+[Furniture and zombie in Secret Base rp_apocalypse]
+[Place 100 Furniture in necroforest]
+[Place (many) Furniture in gm_construct]
+[New System Autospawn with max zombie]
+[New Thinking zombie optimized]
+[Necro Forest]
+[Obtained the right to use the music project Zomboid]
+[the end of the player spawn concentrated]
+8 player spawn distributed gm_construct
+12 player spawn distributed gm_atomic
+17 player spawn distributed rp_apocalypse
+[Problem of lag solved]
+[Freezing all Furniture]
+[Spawn Max of Zombie]
+[Place random Spawn of Zombie]
+[FIX: Stamina does not regenerate when a player has server thirst or hunger]
+[Admin Can spawn toolsgun and physgun and remove]
+[Admin restriction]
+[Fix All error Lua related Zmod (exepted weapon)]
+[When server reboot all storage make persistant keep item inside.]
+[refresh the craftmenu when you throw an item.]
+[1)New system Storage(the old script is bad)]
+[2)When a new player logs in, he can not see the contents of a backpack or furniture.]
- I need Time, very complex subject. I work on it since April 8, 2013.
- EDIT: FINISH 04:19 AM April 20,2013
+[3)Now I apply the new system to 28 Storages.]
+[4)Make menu of Furniture]
+[5)Sound Of furniture]
+[6)Add Loot rate for all furniture]
+[7)Export the newsystem for Backpack]

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Historique des mises à jours / History updates.
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