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 Update: 22 Apr 2013 @ 23 h 43

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PostSubject: Update: 22 Apr 2013 @ 23 h 43   Sat 11 May - 10:54

+[Foliage in gm_construct, rp_apocalypse, gm_atomic.]
+[100% /-------[24 New Furniture]
+[place 150 Furniture in gm_atomic]
+[Place 350 Furniture in rp_apocalypse]
+[Furniture and zombie in Secret Base rp_apocalypse]
+[Place 100 Furniture in necroforest]
+[Place (many) Furniture in gm_construct]
+[New System Autospawn with max zombie]
+[New Thinking zombie optimized]
+[Necro Forest]
+[Obtained the right to use the music project Zomboid]
+[the end of the player spawn concentrated]
+8 player spawn distributed gm_construct
+12 player spawn distributed gm_atomic
+17 player spawn distributed rp_apocalypse
+[Problem of lag solved]
+[Freezing all Furniture]
+[Spawn Max of Zombie]
+[Place random Spawn of Zombie]
+[FIX: Stamina does not regenerate when a player has server thirst or hunger]
+[Admin Can spawn toolsgun and physgun and remove]
+[Admin restriction]
+[Fix All error Lua related Zmod (exepted weapon)]
+[When server reboot all storage make persistant keep item inside.]
+[refresh the craftmenu when you throw an item.]
+[1)New system Storage(the old script is bad)]
+[2)When a new player logs in, he can not see the contents of a backpack or furniture.]
- I need Time, very complex subject. I work on it since April 8, 2013.
- EDIT: FINISH 04:19 AM April 20,2013
+[3)Now I apply the new system to 28 Storages.]
+[4)Make menu of Furniture]
+[5)Sound Of furniture]
+[6)Add Loot rate for all furniture]
+[7)Export the newsystem for Backpack]
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Update: 22 Apr 2013 @ 23 h 43
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